Whitney for Raleigh – Whitney Hill for City Council District A

Our Campaign

Hello Raleigh! This is Whitney Hill running for City Council District A. I wanted to let you know how we are running our campaign.

Our primary goal is to get the word out by knocking on doors and talking to the voters. By doing this we not only get the word out on what we are doing one-on-one, but we also get feedback from the citizens. We want to know what is important to them.

With this feedback, we are finding out that our platform really lines up with the concerns of the citizens, but we are also listening for new issues or opportunities.

We are staying away from spending money on commercials. The district is a good size to walk and speak directly with the voters in it.

You can leave me feedback or questions here on my website. I answer those personally and would love to hear any ideas or concerns about the city. If you would like to volunteer to assist my campaign or donate you can find links on that page also.

Whitney Hill for Raleigh – District A – Getting Raleigh Citizens Back Their Voice in City Government.

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Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZswlIHQiuXyzFMgjTYXFNw

We want to hear from you! https://whitneyforraleigh.org/lets-hear-from-you/

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