Whitney for Raleigh – Whitney Hill for City Council District A

Citizen Safety

I believe the number one priority in Raleigh should be public safety which includes our police, firefighters, and all other first responders.

Right now the police are just barely keeping up with the cost of living. They just got a six percent raise but that is not enough. We need to make sure our police stay at the top of the list to not only get the best people in the departments but to keep the positions filled.

We’ve just come off of being 150 police officers short of where we needed to be. That puts additional stress on the police we have out there. We should be keeping all those positions filled. This affects public safety. If we had them filled the police could again stay in touch with and get to know the public.

No one living in Raleigh wants to feel like there is a lack of safety and if they call 911 an officer wouldn’t should up at their door because of a lack of police.

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