About the 3 Bonds on the Ballot

In this video, Whitney Hill discusses the two possible scenarios with the bonds that are on the ballot. He is fighting to keep your taxes low and to maintain healthy growth for Raleigh.

The First Raleigh

The First Raleigh is one that continues to have incremental tax rate increases each year or every couple of years. Inflation is going to continue and you’re going to be paying more taxes. Your property values are also going up too, over and above the inflation rate and you’re going to be paying higher property taxes on that value.

What I’m talking about is a tax rate increase I’m speaking about the three bond decisions on the ballet. Each one is going to have a tax rate increase associated with it. And more than likely after those bonds are paid off in the future, you won’t see a tax rate decrease.

The first Raleigh is one where the tax rate goes up each year and eventually the burden on the middle class and the poor becomes greater and greater. Then they move out of the city leaving the very rich and the very poor and a lot of social problems.

The Second Raleigh

The Second Raleigh is one that manages within its budget. They make good financial decisions and aren’t looking for ways to raise the tax rates year after year until it just becomes unbearable for the middle class and the poor.

This Raleigh has to exercise financial responsibility. In a period of growth, they utilize things like economies of scale, and they negotiate with corporations to pay their fair share when moving into the area. They work with developers and builders for the balanced growth of Raleigh so there is housing for everyone.

Which Raleigh Do You Want?

I opt for the Second Raleigh which is the one that will lead to a healthy community. Right now we just associate a tax rate increase with all these goodies coming in. Some are worthy of being done, everyone wants great parks and such.

With a bond issue we need to look at do we really need one. When we do one, why do we need to raise taxes? We need to work this into the budget not add to it. Maybe we have to cut back in some areas, but the tax revenues are going to increase anyway. The area is growing.

Which Raleigh would you prefer? Listen to the complete video here.