I want to see Raleigh do more for our small businesses.

I am extremely supportive of small businesses, locally owned, owner-operated businesses in the Raleigh area. I feel they are critical to our way of life in the community.

They provide employment and the profits are kept here in the community. They help to define the character of our community. Whether they are a retail boutique, restaurant, or home service, they need our support.

One of the most important items is that these businesses are safe. That hasn’t always been the case over the last few years. My position will be that we need to provide police protection making sure that the people and property in these businesses are protected.

From the locally owned and operated businesses to the solo entrepreneurs these are important to our community and talking to many owners, they don’t feel like anyone is fighting for them in the city council. I hope you will join me with this as it is one of my priorities. I would like your vote and support.