Whitney Hill wants to know the concerns of the citizens in City Council District A. He is here for you!

In this video, Whitney discusses the importance of having your elected officials sitting on your side of the table.

When you purchase a car, most folks go to a car lot and that salesperson that meets you is going to be very personable. He wants you to like him because he wants to sell you a car. That is his motivation.

Well, the reality is, he is being paid by the dealership to sell you a car that is on the lot. It may or may not be a car that is the best fit for you.

With city government you want your elected officials sitting on your side of the table. You actually expect that. The reality may be very different. There are many motivations for people that run for elected office. Some of them are fine as long as their motivations go along with what the voters want that put them into office. Some not so much.

What you really want to make sure of when it comes to negotiations with corporations and developers moving into the area, is that the politicians you elected are setting on your side of the table, not their own. You need to look at where the people that are running for office are getting their money from for the elections, who is donating to them, and where their associations are. These are important items to understand and help you realize why they want to get into office.

It is kind of a buyer-beware type of thing like at a car dealership. You really need to check under the hood before you make a purchase. The same goes for elected officials. Have you checked under the hood before voting? Are the officials you have previously elected sitting on your side of the table?