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Whitney Hill

Whitney Hill for Raleigh

I am running for Raleigh City Council Seat District A. If you live in this district, you may receive a knock on the door from me. I am interested to find out what is important to you regarding city issues such as public safety, city services, zoning, housing, and roads.

Whitney Hill

Raleigh City Council Districts map

Map showing different districts in Raleigh NC with District A highlighted in red

Whitney Hill's Stance on Local Issues

Considering the rapid growth of Raleigh NC, this is a critical time to make sure we are setting up systems to guarantee our wonderful city grows at a healthy rate while taking care of its current and future tax-paying citizens.


Crime Rate reduction & Public Safety


Controlled Healthy growth in Raleigh NC, that adds value for all tax-paying citizens


Keeping our Parks clean and safe for families


Controlling Raleigh Taxes


Supporting small and local Raleigh businesses

Together We can Make Raleigh Great

As a City Council member, I pledge to be a thoughtful and responsive advocate for Raleigh, North Carolina.

Raleigh NC Election Date

November 8, 2022

6:30 AM to 7:30 PM

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Whitney Hill for Raleigh City Council

My primary motive for running for City Council District A is to make sure that Raleigh stays one of the most desired communities to live in. Business growth is good but we need to keep our community affordable and safe to live in. We want to continue to ensure that the community parks stay world-class. In short, we need to make sure that the decisions the council makes are adding to the healthy growth of Raleigh, adding value to all of its citizens, especially our tax-paying citizens.