Key Issues 

An expansion on some of the key issues that are important to Whitney Hill regarding Raleigh NC and Raleigh City Council District A

Considering the rapid growth of Raleigh NC, this is a critical time to make sure we are setting up systems to guarantee our wonderful city grows at a healthy rate while taking care of its current and future tax-paying citizens. 

As a Raleigh resident and small business owner that works helping local businesses, I have gained so much from this city. I feel it is time to give back.

Shelley Lake Park
Shelley Lake Park – Photo by Martin Brossman

These are a few of the key issues I will be focusing on

✓ Crime Rate reduction & Public Safety 

I believe that public safety is the number one responsibility of city government. Raleigh should be one of the safest places in the country to live. Unfortunately, the current trend is not moving in that direction. First responders are underpaid compared to neighboring communities and police are overworked. Raleigh’s problems are unique to the other communities due to its size and should pay top dollar to get and keep the best first responders.

We need to prioritize filling vacant police positions so that our police are not overworked. We need to have more programs for the police to build relationships with the citizens in the neighborhoods they patrol. We need to work with neighborhoods with social media platforms like Nextdoor to share information about crime in the area.

✓ Controlled Healthy growth in Raleigh NC that adds value for all tax-paying citizens

Decisions made by the council should have a net benefit for the community as a whole, not just for insiders. Controlled growth means that we keep our housing costs on par so that people do not get priced out of the available housing, and lower-income citizens can continue to afford rent.

✓ Keeping our Parks clean and safe for families 

Raleigh’s park system is one of the best in the country. As Raleigh grows, we need to be prudent and cautious in its expansion. There are maintenance costs involved in maintaining these parks and overbuilding can place undue tax burdens on our population. We also need to look at doing a better job of maintenance on what we already have. Shelley Lake Park for instance has had problems with trash. Simple corrections like adding more trash cans can go a long way to correcting this problem. Safety is important too.  

✓ Controlling Raleigh taxes 

Citizens in Raleigh NC should not have a tax increase stemming from local industry and growth. That growth should pay for itself if our funds are being managed properly. Citizens should not have their taxes go up to fund large corporations moving into the area. When large companies locate in Raleigh, developers should pay their fair share.

✓ Supporting small and local Raleigh businesses

Core to the character and culture of our community is small and locally-owned businesses. It is important we support their vitality and safety. The city should respond with police protection when businesses are threatened with damage. Business operators should be able to be confident that the city has its back when it comes to the protection of property and persons. 

Do you see something you agree with?

Let me know and join me. Do you see something you want more attention brought to? Please let me know as well


4 ways to help support my sustained focus on our vital issues:

  1. Volunteer
  2. Financial contribution
  3. Vote
  4. Tell me what is important to you

I want to hear from you!

Top photos of Shelley Lake Park – Photo used with permission from Martin Brossman