Resources for the Raleigh NC Citizens of District A

The city of Raleigh, North Carolina, will hold general elections on November 8, 2022, including an election for Raleigh City Council.

The city of Raleigh uses a council-manager system. In this form of municipal government, the elected city council includes a mayor who serves as the city’s primary legislative body. The Mayor appoints a chief executive called a city manager to oversee day-to-day municipal operations and implement the council’s policy and legislative initiatives.

The City Council is Raleigh’s governing body, consisting of eight members who are elected for two-year terms. Three of the members, including the mayor, are elected at large, while the other members are elected from five districts: A, B, C, D, and E. The City Council sets City policy, enacts laws and adopts the City budget each year. Visit the Raleigh NC City Council website for more information.

The Raleigh NC City Council

Click here to view an interactive City Council District Maps

You can learn more about the Raleigh City Council from this Raleigh Media kit: